Assisting the Hybrid Work Revolution for a greener, happier, and more productive workforce!

*CloudAssist is offering a fully Microsoft-funded workshop on Collaborative Apps for Microsoft Teams.


Assisting the Hybrid Work Revolution for a greener, happier, and more productive workforce!​
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Assisting the Hybrid Work Revolution for a greener, happier, and more productive workforce!​
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Benefits of HybridAssist for your organisation

With HybridAssist, you’re empowered to book office access and seating wherever and whenever you need it.

You can easily coordinate collaboration time with your colleagues, so you know exactly when it’s best to be in the office, and when it’s best to work from home.

Optimising your hybrid working schedule, you save time and carbon, for greater life balance and a greener planet.

Book Office Access

Book office access and a desk for selected dates and times in advance, and optionally get an access code to enter company premises.

Coordinate Collaboration

With HybridAssist, you can check when your colleagues have booked time in the office, so you can schedule collaboration moments.

Manage Occupancy

As a manager, see the number of desks booked each day by office zone and building, giving you oversight of occupancy rates and patterns.

Save Carbon + Time!

Optimising your hybrid working through synced collaboration moments means less hours spent on commuting and a lighter carbon footprint.

Reserving time and space in the office has never been easier — view colleagues’ bookings, too, so you can arrange collaboration moments and optimise your time.

Start here...

From the homepage, you can select and book your access needs - whether office or desk - or visit your portal to manage your bookings and do much more!

Book a date and time

Select your building, then choose the date and time you'll be working there.

Your office access is secured!

It's as simple as that! Your office and desk access is reserved for the selected date(s).

HybridAssist is deployed securely within the Microsoft Power Platform. The app can be shared with select organisation members for an initial pilot or organisation-wide. CloudAssist Power Apps engineers manage HybridAssist rollout and provide a period of hyper-care upon release.

Names and email addresses of participating organisation members are stored securely in SharePoint lists and Microsoft Dataverse for the purposes of desk booking and calculating user carbon profiles. For an overview of how CloudAssist handles user data, see our privacy policy:

Privacy Policy & Cookies | CloudAssist

Organisation members can book office access and / or a desk for AM, PM, or full day use. If a given desk is unavailable, members can join a waitlist and be notified of any cancellations. Members can book seating well in advance and for multiple dates and times.

With HybridAssist, organisation members can search their colleagues' bookings, so they'll  know the best days and times to be in the office to collaborate and advance projects, while also helping to save time and carbon on commuting for days when working from home makes sense.

Absolutely! HybridAssist can be configured to generate access codes to pair with check-in or entrance security systems for your organisation. Each time an organisation member books office access and / or a desk, they will receive an access code that is valid for that day alone.

CloudAssist is running the (fully Microsoft-funded) Collaborative Apps for Microsoft Teams workshop.

Learn to harness the Microsoft Power Platform and explore valuable Power Apps use cases.

Build collaborative applications that integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft Teams platform.

Streamline and enhance your everyday business processes, reduce repetition, and boost worker productivity.

Complete the short survey below on your interest in our Collaborative Apps workshop, and we will assess your enterprise’s eligibility.

Please note that a minimum of 250 Microsoft-licensed end-user accounts is a basic requirement for Microsoft-funded eligibility.